Saturday, 7 April 2012

hand written type

It's hard to ignore the hand written trend at the moment. Type drawn by hand seems to be popping up everywhere, and lovely it is too. I've been having the odd practice here and there with fine liners, brushes and corel. Here's one of my scribblings / attempts, as well as some design lovelies that I've come across on Pinterest! You can follow my boards here:

Typetastic design lovelies ; )

New home type by me, Kay B Design :)
 Tweet Dreams on Etsy
 Love to be Loved:
Fancy lettering by Lushlee:
Love by Joojoo Etsy


  1. Hi Kay I have given you an award swing by my blog to have a read x

    1. Oh wow that's fantastic! Thank you! :) :) : D