Saturday, 28 April 2012

hand paint textile inspired florals

So here's a start with my pact to do some creative experiments with media of the non mac variety :) I've been in Kendal today looking at clothes and shoes, and felt inspired to do some hand painted floral patterns that you might find on fabric. There's something refreshing about knowing once you've committed brush to paper there's no key command to undo what you've done. I don't think fashion surface designers need worry though ; ) Roll on printing, painting and pyrography...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pyrography Artist Lauren Grey

I've recently bought a pyrography kit as part of a pact with myself to do some creative projects off the mac this summer, namely with paints, prints and pyrography. Googling around the net on the subject I came across the work of Lauren Grey of the Haunted Holllow Blogspot. I only seem to come across artists who's work I absolutely love about once every three to five years, and finding Laurens work was one such occasion. As you can see her work stunning. I think an Etsy purchase is on the cards...

Lauren Grey:

Monday, 23 April 2012

Sickness Bug!

Ugghh I've been thrown off kilter this weekend by a nasty sickness bug : ( needless to say my blogging went out the window... check out this sickness bug from If only they really were cute...

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Love wood

I've always been a huge fan of wood, from artisan wooden bowls to oak furniture and flooring, to my cherished wooden ring bought in Ibiza. You can't beat the beauty or honesty of nature.

A few designs incorporating wood grain have caught my eye recently. One of my favourite brands, Fossil, package their watches in a variety of illustrated tins, of which you can choose your favourite design. I've scanned the lid of one such tin (I bought a new watch a little while ago) It's such a creative and refreshing way to package jewelery. Their website has some beautiful illustrations and style directions on its pages. I've blogged some below.

Two postcards from Paperchase by the Art File also caught my eye with its wood detailing.

I've also been nominated for a Liebster Blog award by the lovely and talented lonadrewthis.blogspot! I'm chuffed to ribbons :) Happy days...

Saturday, 7 April 2012

hand written type

It's hard to ignore the hand written trend at the moment. Type drawn by hand seems to be popping up everywhere, and lovely it is too. I've been having the odd practice here and there with fine liners, brushes and corel. Here's one of my scribblings / attempts, as well as some design lovelies that I've come across on Pinterest! You can follow my boards here:

Typetastic design lovelies ; )

New home type by me, Kay B Design :)
 Tweet Dreams on Etsy
 Love to be Loved:
Fancy lettering by Lushlee:
Love by Joojoo Etsy

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In need of some feminine energy..

So I've had a week of roofers and a plasterer in and about the house, which was no bad thing, but combine it with a bossy 2 year old boy and the masculine / feminine energies were feeling a tad unbalanced ; ) Time escape to one of my local haunts, Kirby Lonsdale, for a long breakfast with magazines and a spot of shopping, nail painting and general girlyness. Catching my eye were all manner of pretty gifts and fashions, so here are a few that ended up in my shopping bag.
 Oh so pretty Inkdrops from and the gorgeous Lagom
Gorgeous new perfume from Bath House
 Loveliness from PicturePalace and my lip balm buy from Bath House
 Fab and unusual cards from local company
The brilliant Helen Dardik for Lagom