Friday, 30 March 2012

Gorgeous generic wraps

Ahh what a gorgeous week it's been here in the south Lakes :) I heard a whisper that there were day old chocolate coloured lambs at the farm down the road, so I headed there with Benjamin to take a look. What cuties! We got to see a pair of shetland ponies have their shoes replaced by the farrier too. Really took me back to my horse riding years. I took the chance to catch some rays on some hay bales, toddlers can wear you down ; )

I couldn't resist these totally fab wraps from for my wrapping paper drawer on the same day. I love the textured paper scans and hand-cut and drawn feel of them. Paper salad have a great sweet jar wrap too. It's prob a trend theme to watch, all under the nostalgia thought path. Lovely-jubbley.

 Paper Salads sweet jar wrap (image form blog)

Old sandals, old jeans, bales of straw....loving it..

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  1. Where can I get that sweetie wrapping paper, the first picture you posted!x