Thursday, 15 March 2012

I'm loving Pinterest

Ok so nothing beats having designs and inspiration in your hand. The feel of the paper, embossments and the effects of glitter, or glazes and textures if you're looking at ceramics. I've got to say though I've totally fallen for the huge inspirational hub that is Pinterest. It's great for older designers like myself to keep up with things like this (I'm 35, wit woo) Creating a mood board in the beginning of my career could take an age - sifting through magazines and the like. I still believe in the value of this technique, but there's so much to hand on Pinterest at such speed you'd be daft to ignore it. Here's a snip at the beginnings of some of my boards.


  1. You have chosen some lovely images. I had to smile when I read that you consider yourself to be an older designer at 35. You are a spring chicken compared to me, the bus pass beckons!

    1. Thanks! Oh he he a spring chicken : D Most of the designers I know are in their twenties. I sometimes wonder where we all disappear to! Keep designing and rocking after your bus pass I say! :)