Friday, 18 May 2012

Artists and Illustrator profile

I thought I'd share with you two of my latest discoveries. First is Disney illustrator Mary Blair. I can't believe I've only just discovered her and her work. She looks like a pretty fab lady doesn't she? Her work and use of colour are amazing, and you can see how this style has influenced contemporary illustrators.

Also artist Karla Gerard has caught my eye. Her work is a riot of colour and swirling shapes. A real celebration of life, nature and shape! Her work reminds also has a textile quality about it. Enjoy!


  1. My artist son absolutely loves Mary Blair so I am well acquainted with her work. She was and is very influential, a major talent. I wonder if you know Esme Eve? She was a British artist with a similar feel?

    1. Hi! Ah no I don't know Esme Eve but I'm going to google her now! I can't believe I've only just come across Mary Blair! :) K x

  2. Discovered her work recently too, but didn't know the last couple of pictures you put on...
    Love it so much!!
    {as well as your work, of course...}

  3. {oh, oops, didn't read it properly... that's by someone else altogether... sorry!!}

  4. No worries Daan :) her work's great isn't it?1 Kay