Monday, 6 February 2012

Spring Fair

It's time to put some shoes on, leave the house and head to the Spring Fair tomorrow (fingers crossed no snow, ice or fog!) Typical I've got a sore throat but I guess it's just the time of year. Lots if drinks for me :). I've seen the show shrink over the years due to recession, but I'm really excited about tomorrow. Got a feeling I'm going to see some good products and design :) Bring it on!


  1. Hello, we went to The Spring Fair today, it was very busy (many of the cloakrooms were full). I am sure you will see many lovely things and there is always the thrill of seeing your own work on display.

  2. Hi! Think I'll leave my coat in the car and make a dash for it! Glad to hear it was busy, though it can be too much if it's crazy busy (especially when people have those little wheely cases to trip you up ; D) Hope you're putting your feet up now! K :)

  3. Hi just found your blog, great work keep it up. I didn't get to the spring fair this year as heavily pregnant and didn't want to risk the snow, so great to hear you report back on it, thanks:)

    1. I've just had a peek at your work too Claire - wow it's fab!!! Kay :)

  4. Hi Claire!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy :) I have a 2 year old boy (full of mischief ; ) Thanks for your post on my blog. Yes Spring Fair was good. There was loads of British / Jubilee inspired designs there too. London buses etc. I gave SF a miss when I was in the latter stages of pregnancy too. Hope you're getting chance to put your feet up :) Kay B

  5. Thanks for show feedback, must get going on some London artwork before the baby arrives!