Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Spring Fair Design Trail

After a much needed long soak in the tub after walking the spring fair yesterday I'm so excited to say what a fantastic fair it was with real movement in trend. What hit me was how many named designers there were, and not celebrity ones either. It's seems we are hitting a time of design integrity, a reflection for peoples desire to connect with home grown genuine quality as consumer spending is more focused and thoughful. I loved seeing an emphasis on the home spun and textural in terms of pattern. Stitching and material collage effects could be seen from ceramic to greetings.

It was also great for me to see a a few products at launch that I had designed and meet the faces behind the companies. I was really excited to see my worktop saver for uber cool company JospehJospeh. Equally exciting was seeing my birds mug at the Buttercup China stand (see above).

Fantastic stand design included Buttercup China and Pantone International, which made use of height, hanging mugs and plates in pattern to sculptural effect. It was also a pleasure to see the fantastic Maria Holmer Dahlgren for Formation and the groovy Isaak stand. What amazing and punchy design styles.

Another side of the show is getting to talk to and meet the amazing people behind the product. It was lovely to meet and chat to Herdy! I met up with old colleagues at Eurowrap and Rayware, which was just so lovely! What a great design day. I can't wait for the next show :)


  1. what a lovely little report on the show great thanks and ur work looks smashing!! no pun intended :)

    1. Ah thanks! :) yeah it was a great show - I'm going to try and attend a lot more shows this year, they're so inspiring K :)