Saturday, 19 November 2011

fairy toadstools

I've had a cheeky week away from design and illustration in order for a bit navel gazing to take place. I've been looking at a number of different illustration styles of late and now need to focus on developing just one or two of them into a more obvious signature style. Being a typical Gemini I like to jump from one thing to another, and I'm happiest when there's almost too much happening. Hence being in the middle of a house renovation, complete with crumbling roof, sagging porch and overgrown garden. In between peeling back old carpets and scraping wall paper off the walls I'm going to look at Advocates latest blog request for fairy illustrations. For me fairies are synonymous with toadstools and enchanted forests. Being a child of the seventies I had a ceramic toadstool and fairy nightlight (ah sigh), and spurred on by this one of my favourite things to do was draw fairies and bugs, cut them out, stick them on a paperclip and deposit them around my mum's plant pots. Unknown to me my mum had kept one all these years in her purse : ) Mum's are great aren't they? Anyway, enough twittering from me, here's some lovely toadstool designs and imagery, before my Gemini brain flicks to some other random thoughts, like why does our doorbell keep going off on it's own, and why has our vegetable growing neighbour got a bucket hanging off one of his trees?...

Cake and envelope paper decs from
Felt toadstool hearts and moneybox from
Toadstool pouffe form Lark

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