Sunday, 20 November 2011

childrens book illustrations

We took our bundle of trouble (2 year old Benjamin) into Waterstones Lancaster this afternoon to have a look at some books. The children's section has a set of table and chairs with crayons, books and bits - perfect for keeping little hands occupied whilst you have a browse. This is one shop I love, from the old building to the huge array of gorgeous book covers, and of course the content of the books themselves. We headed out a few pounds lighter with an Octonaughts book, which has been given a more stylised touch compared to the actual cartoon (which my son loves). The over all effect is fantastic, and makes the book enjoyable to look at as a parent too. I couldn't resist 'The Night Before Christmas' illustrated by Eric Puybaret. His work is truly amazing and captures such a sense of magic and enchantment. I love that there's a touch of darkness and mystery captured. Finally I couldn't resist 'Mouse's Christmas Wish', with illustrations by Judi Abbot. It's one of the books where you look at and can't help but smile. Ah such talented people...

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