Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Peek into the past

I'm now the proud owner of a greetings card collection from 70's :) I thought I'd post a few of my favourites. It's interesting how much sweeter the illustrations are, and how most of the cards are not heavily gender specific. Even cards just for boys had pink on and cute animals... the way it should be really :)


  1. Oh wow I love these, I have some from growing up too will post about them, hope u r well xxx

    1. Ah glad you like them - yeah would be great to see your vintage cards :) I'm good thanks, just can't sem to get the time these days to blog as much (toddler, house renovations and work arrgh : D ) Your cards look great - good luck with it all - exciting! K x

  2. Aah thanks Kay I was going to ask you how you manage it!! I am flagging a bit at the moment, haven't had a holiday since last summer and we are moving house again in a couple of weeks arg...but am loving it all at the same time :) good to chat, stay in touch xxx